• Easy to Install
  • No tools needed to change filters
  • Gasket to seal between filter & housing
  • Easy servicing
  • Stable and secure design
  • Modular construction

"HYGIENO"manufacturing terminal housings are suitable for installations in duct systems. Due to the modular design, the housing layout is very flexible and allows several sizes and configurations. Filter housings are available in galvanized steel or an alternative stainless-steel version. Both sides, inlet and outlet, are equipped with a flange, ready for installation. The filter housing can be switched 180 degrees for a flexible housing installation with an access from the bottom or top side. The stable design tooptimized will secure safe usage, filter installation and replacement.


Application: Terminal hood for air diffusion in clean room
Type: Replicable HEPA Filter
Frame: GI Powder Coated
Grill MS Epoxy Coated / SS-304 / Plastic diffuser
Accepted Filter 69mm / 150mm / 305mm
Nominal Air Flow: 0.8 m/s or 1.27 m/s.
Accepted filter Neoprene Rubber
Faceguard White epoxy coated Expanded metal mash grill
EN 1822 efficiency: U15
MPPS efficiency: U15 ? 99.9995%.
Final pressure drop 400 Pa Recommended, 600 (Maximum)