• Robust Construction
  • High dust holding capacity
  • Excellent arrestance
  • Suitable for Commercial & Industrial Application
  • Self – Supported

The HYGIENO FILTER's provides high-efficiency ASHRAE air filtration performance in a compact, supported media design.

The Rigid Cell Filters are designed for use as secondary filters in areas such as a Pharmaceuticals, Laboratories, Hospitals or as Pre-Filter to HEPA filters.

The full surface area of the filter media is always available, even after prolonged use and heavy dust loading.

The media is housed in a rigid frame with an optional header, providing a sturdy construction that is easy to install in front, rear or side access systems.


Application: Secondary filter for air conditioning / Clean Room system
Type: Pleated synthetic fiber media
Case: Galvanized steel / Aluminum / Stainless Steel Channel
Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber.
.EN 779:2002 efficiency: F5 / F9
Eurovent efficiency: EU5 / EU9
Average arrestance 90 to 95 %
· Final pressure drop: 150 / 250 Pa.
Rated Face Velocity (m/s) 2.5
Temperature: 80°C maximum in continuous service.
Max. Relative Humidity 100% RH