Exploring Applications of Different Types of Hepa Filters

Chemietron Clean Tech Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing clean room products and technology. We have been manufacturing clean room products and air pollution equipment in accordance with the international standards of pharmaceutical units. Chemietron uses advanced technology and upgraded tools to manufacture its products. We offer a wide range of air filters starting from pre-filter, fine filters, HEPA filters, ULPA filters, pocket filters and many more. As a HEPA filters manufacturer in Ahmedabad, we carry out the process through automatic machines to ensure uniform quality and standard of our products.

Types of HEPA Filters

As a leading HEPA filters supplier in India, we offer 5 types of filters:

ULPA Filter: This filter has a unique quality of combining pleat technology with the media for the best and optimal results. It is used in microelectronic production, food processing and many other industries. The media present in the filter offers high tensile strength and is resistant to damage during handling, installation, shipping and application. The media has a depth of 45mm and 68 mm which is suitable for a wide variety of airflow requirements.

High capacity HEPA filter: The robust and long operating life of this air filter ensures high air flow rates. The large surface area and supreme quality micro glass fiber paper media make it efficient. The filter media is fire and moisture-resistant. It is made of galvanized steel and anodized aluminum. When it needs to be used at higher temperatures, it is manufactured using stainless steel.

HEPA filter (foil separator): This filter is manufactured from micro glass fiber paper media. It is used for fine particulate filtration and the low initial pressure drop helps in retrieving the best results. It has a high dust holding capacity and is available in standard size only.

Mini Pleat HEPA Filter: The double faceguard and resilient features of this HEPA filter makes it the best option for final or return filtration for clean rooms and laminar airflow for clean benches. The filter ensures to be moisture free and the anti-microbial treated papers can be used for various industrial purposes. It has an expanded metal mesh face guard on the up and down side of the filter for proper utility.

Hooded type HEPA filter: This filter is designed for an individually ducted system which is sued in laminar and non-laminar flow clean rooms. The disposable ceiling module is sealed to avoid any leakage. It is used to meet straight air quality requirements of cleanrooms. The T-bar grid system from the ceiling is installed for better performance. The high-efficiency filter and lightweight housing properties make it a suitable option for laminar air flow benched and clean rooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a HEPA filter, and how does it work?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. These dense filters are used to remove airborne particles like pet dander, bacteria, dust and pollen. They are used in pharmaceutical and medical industries across the globe

2. What are the benefits of using HEPA filters?

There are many benefits of using HEPA filters such as it helps in improving the quality of air and providing contamination control in industrial and medical setups. It also helps people suffering from respiratory conditions by reducing exposure to airborne particles.

3. How do I choose the right HEPA filter for my needs?

When choosing the correct HEPA filter, you must consider factors like the size of the area that needs to be filters, the level of filtration efficiency and whether they meet industry standards.

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