• Hermetically sealed construction
  • High efficiency filter
  • Low Profile with Lightweight housing
  • Individually tested according to EN 1822

"HYGIENO" Disposable Ceiling Module (Hooded Filter) is designed for optimum filter performance with an individually ducted system for use in laminar and non-laminar flow clean room Class 1-Lac to 10 area.

The Disposable ceiling module is hermetically sealed to prevent voids and leaks To meet straight air quality requirement of cleanrooms. It is typically installed in a T-bar grid system suspended from the ceiling of installed in modular ceiling grid, Hold-down clamping is not required.

The standard module comes with a 250mm (10") diameter inlet, a fixed distribution plant, an integral round duct connection and a white epoxy coated face guard on the downstream side to protect the heap minipleat pack. Also having provision for DOP port.


Application: Laminar air flow benched &clean rooms
Type: Minipleat HEPA filter
Case: Extruded and anodized aluminum.
Media: Micro-FIBRE GLASS
Separator: Hot-melt beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane
Gasket: Neoprene Rubber
Faceguard White epoxy coated Expanded metal mash grill
EN 1822 efficiency: H13 / H14
MPPS efficiency: H13:>99.95%, H14:> 99.995%.
Final pressure drop 400 Pa Recommended, 600 (Maximum)
Temperature: 70�C maximum in continuous service.
Humidity 100% RH
Test: 100% individually tested according to EN 1822.