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Planning is the most essential part of any successful project.We take pride in partnering with our customers to ensure our solution provides optimum system performance. We ensure that our designs meet the changing requirements and provide an ease of maintenance for the life of the unit. CHEMIETRON offers the innovative design solutions planned by its team of design engineers, project managers and field installation specialists.
CHEMIETRON'S fully customized units are engineered and tested to meet the most severe physical constraints with the versatility to meet all Clean Room needs in a variety of applications. All of our units are backed by expert designs and engineering assistance. With over 25 years of experience in Clean Rooms our unique design enables an efficient performance whether the unit is built in the factory, built on-site or retrofitted to an existing unit.
Our systems are built for durability and reliability which translates to maximum equipment up-time. Our systems come with reduced operational, service and maintenance costs as well as minimal replacements expenses. All these provide the customers with lower costs for their Clean Room System during the overall life cycle of the product. We use the highest quality industrial components to provide optimum system efficiency and superior equipment reliability. Our design focuses on service spaces, accessibility and service features for ease of maintenance and servicing. To meet the project requirements of our customers we have Factory piping temperature control and full electrical service. CHEMIETRON offers equipment integrity and reliability unsurpassed in the industry, promoting a long, reliable life by providing excellent indoor air quality.
CHEMIETRON offers complete field service and installation capability that includes on site assembly field supervision, start-up services and training. The customer service team of CHEMIETRON coordinates the field services. CHEMIETRON also has the unique ability to provide on-site assembly of units directly into the space required from factory fabricated pieces. On-site installation services allow assembly of air handling units in place while maintaining architectural prominence and integrity of the existing building.
CHEMIETRON is committed to provide the highest quality service in the Clean Room Products industry by being a single source solution provider with design engineering, project management, field installation and maintenance service. Our customer service technicians can be counted on for parts, service, support, engineering advice or maintenance for the life of your system.