• High air flow rate
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Sturdy construction
  • Extended media surface
  • Very High dust holding capacity
  • Effective separation of Abrasive particle

"HYHIENO" filters are manufacturing BAG FILTERS (POLYSTER MEDIA) as medium to high efficiency extended surface self-supporting pocket (bag) filters made of super fine synthetic (polyester) filter media. The progressive density multi-layered fiber arrangement offers excellent filtration performance combined with very high dust holding capacity. HYGIENO Poly-G model with a unique aerodynamic design is also available for air intake application like gas turbines, diesel generators and spray painting plants.


  • Filter material of newly-developed plastic fiber media
  • Low initial pressure loss, flat development
  • Newly-developed seam technique for better air distribution
  • Conical pockets and self-supporting bags
  • Molded, rigid and aerodynamically designed plastic front


Application Filtration for fine particle in AHU & Ventilation System
Type Pocket Filter
Case Galvanized steel / ABS
Media Progressive structurePolyester media
EN 779:2002 efficiency F5 / F9
Eurovent efficiency EU5 / EU9
Average arrestance 55 to 90 %
Final pressure drop 250 Pa.
Temperature 80°C maximum in continuous service.
Max. Relative Humidity 100% RH