Chemietron” Dust Collector are useful in wide variety of process equipment for chemical, dyes, cement, pharmaceutical, pigments, fertilizer, petrochemicals, Termal Stations and other industries for various dust emitting. Dust collectors unit can handle dust loadings for more than 2kg/m3 of air.

Fully automatic, self cleaning and factory assembled unit. Filter elements fitted and enclosed in dust tight housing. Polluted (Dust laden) air enters in the housing nad passes through filter elements. Dust remains outside of element and air is sucked by suction blower and released to the atmosphere. Cleaning cycle starts through pressure periodic and momentry jet in reverse direction in filter elements cause fall of dust from filter surface for collection. Timing is controlled by electronic sequence timer and pneumatic valve to provide us efficient continuous flow from dust collector.

§ MOC : MS Epoxy Coated / SS§ Outer Body duly Insulated § Piping : PVC / SS § Duct Collection Hood : SS / Powder coated § 0.3µ Hepa Filter§ Pre-Filter in Exhaust
Model/strong> Air Flow Capacity (CFM) Nos. of Cartridge Filter Motor HP Require Comp. Air Pressure (kg/cm3) Powder Supply
CPJD-01 500 01 2.0 4/6 440V, 3Ø, 50hz
CPJD-04 1500 04 5.0 4/6