• Entirely disposable
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Inexpensive

Selection Parameter : -

Type Floor Mount / Wall Mount / Horizontal / Vertical
Design Blow Through / Draw Through
Frame Work: Thermal Break / Non Thermal Break
Panel MOC: Double Skinned / Singled Skinned
Base Frame: GI Skid with Corner / ‘C’ Channel
Outer Sheet: Pre-Coated with PC / Powder Coated
Inner Sheet: Plain GI / Pre-Coated / SS
Panel Thick: 25mm / 45mm
Insulation: Injected PUF @ 40±5 Kg/m3
Static Pressure: 50mm to 200mm WG
Types of Drive: Belt Driven / Plug Fan
Types of Fan: Backward Curved / Forward Curved
Filtration Stage Pre-Filter / Fine Filter / Bag Filter / HEPA Filter
Filter Condition Differential Pressure Port
Nos. of Damper SA / RA / FA / PA
Type of Damper Aerofoil / GI Powder Coated
Types of Zone Inlet Lower with bird Screen
Return Air Plenum with RA / FA Damper
Pre-Filter Section / Bab Filter Section
HW / Steam / Heater Section
CHW / DX Coil Section
Mist Eliminator
Fan Section
Fine Filter Section
Super Flow HEPA Filter Section