High Performance AHU

What is AHU with Automatic Filter cleaning System?

A unique and one of its kind products in Air Filter Technology ever made.

Our AHU with Automatic Filter Cleaning System will provide clean air as per specified standard, uniformly and continuously without any interruption as well as with an automatic cleaning arrangement. This will solve the various unsolved problems of pharmaceuticals & research centers in Air Conditioning system. This is really a revolutionary system and a miracle in technologies and shall save the immense energy. “Self-cleaning filter system” is technically upgraded and much sophisticated as compared to existing conventional systems. It is 100 % up on the available of present technologies.

How does AHU with Automatic Filter Cleaning System work for you?

In our design concept, there are numbers of cylindrical filter can be fitted in AHU and remain perfectly clean without service by opening the AHU system. It rotates in slow RPM of about 27 to 30 per hour through gear motor and timing belt on their axis. The air passes through the outer peripheral of filter to inside and remaining part of all sides of filter are closed and sealed. The air passes through only outer peripherals. The dust particle remains on the outer side of peripheral of filters which rotate and come to the down side.

There is a provision inside the filter to blow off filtered air by blower on precise velocities and precise pressure. On the bottom of AHU we provide a suction point, which is connected to the pulse jet dust collector .The dust collector sucks dust from air that parted the filter. No dust particle remains in AHU and filter is continuously free from any dust particle. Thus the system remains clear and AHU remains totally clean. There is no risk of cross contamination or bacterial growth, so there is a lot of saving of power and wastage of time to stop the unit to clean up.

The most positive and quality management of clean room which is unnoticed that, we are providing clean room without VOC(Volatile Organic Carbon)gases which generating in AHU due to the collection of powder from long time in AHU.

Features of AHU with Automatic Filter cleaning system

  • Zero level of Blocking of Filter
  • Zero level Air Contamination
  • Maintained Air Quantity Ratio (CFM)
  • Maintain Air Velocity Level
  • Low Noise Level
  • Lower Current Consumption
  • Create High Quality of Air
  • Minimum time to Maintenance
  • Minimize the Possibility of leakage
  • Reduce Cost of Labor
  • Minimum Filter rapture possibility
  • Minimize Bacterial growth
  • Increased Confidence level

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